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Our team is passionate about building quality beautiful homes that exceed our client’s expectations. We are proud of our exceptional client service and the personalised support we provide you throughout your journey.

We pride ourselves on building traditional homes that add beauty and heritage to a streetscape for years to come.

Our Team

We have been building Premier Traditional Homes for the Premier Building Group since 2010. 

In 2018 the opportunity presented itself for us to be able to acquire the brand and continue the tradition. 

We jumped at the chance, as we truly take a lot of pride out of building these beautiful homes.”

Adam Jamieson
Managing Director

I love to take clients on the journey, from dreaming about building a home through to working out all the little details that are gonna go into it.

I believe that people should be living in a space that reflects them, so I really want to know about their lives, family, passions, and how they interact in their space, so I can design the perfect home for them.”

Wayne Colomb
Sales and Marketing Manager

Our History

About Prime Projects Construction
Prime Projects Construction (VIC) is the Victorian construction arm of The Prime Group. Our focus is on the ever-expanding Victorian residential market, building unit developments for clients, products for investor channels, residential off-the-plan and custom-designed homes for retail customers, and now the First Homeowners market.

The philosophy of quality and affordability is at the centre of every home and development we build. Our commitment is to creating impressive quality homes for all of our clients. It’s a commitment that we embrace with enthusiasm and discipline — knowing that when our clients are happy with the end result, we are too.

About Premier Builders Group
Prime Projects Construction has worked in partnership with Premier Builders Group since 2010 and was one of 5 builders within the group construction homes and developments.

Prime Projects Construction acquired the Premier Traditional Homes display house business in 2016, rebranding as Premier Traditional Homes.

Premier Builders Group is now focused on the construction of multi-unit development sites, alongside Prime Projects Construction who continue to work alongside them to this day.

About The Prime Group
Originating in Perth, Prime Group Australia has an extensive property portfolio that includes residential, commercial offices and retail. Plus, farming and agricultural operations incorporate citrus orchards, wineries, cattle, and sheep grazing.

Our accredited team and extensive connections across the industry ensure that we bring our clients quality constructed buildings and properties.

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