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Yes, Premier Traditional Homes has a $270m HIA insurance policy due to our proven success both in reputation and financial status.

At Premier Traditional Homes we limit the number of homes we contract and build each year. We set our capacity to 40-50 builds to ensure a manageable build program and quality outcome for our clients. 

Our homes range in price from $250,000 – $1.5M.

Prime Projects Construction builds up to 200 homes per year and the Prime Group over 600 homes per year.

We utilise an industry-standard HIA contract.

While many volume builders have been affected by fixed contract delays on pre-titled land, large stock lists and difficulty renegotiating contracts, Premier Traditional Homes had a different approach to pricing our builds and adjusted our margins for our clients to get through this tough period.

We identified early that the market and supply started to change through the COVID-19 pandemic and adapted accordingly. While fixed price contracts are used in our business, they are only used when construction is to be completed within 3 months.

You can read all about the history and current structure of the business here: ABOUT US

None of our entities have ever gone into liquidation.

No, Premier Traditional Homes has completed all of our contracts within their specific timelines. 
For the past two years, we have been issuing 12-month contracts and throughout the worst of supply issues, we have still delivered every house on time. 
We have a $270m HIA insurance level due to our proven success both in reputation and financial status. 

Given that even the best building companies have endured some hard times through this period, we are proud to have weathered the storm, and feel as though the worst of the tough market changes are behind us. 
Though we will continue to carefully monitor supply, cost and labour rates and action any price adjustments to keep pricing in line with the market.
Putting us in a really strong position to continue to deliver beautiful quality homes for our clients in the years ahead.
At Premier Traditional Homes, we are committed to building beautiful, character-filled homes of the highest quality. We work hard for our clients and are passionate about bringing your vision to life.

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