Our Suppliers

Partnerships built on trust

Building quality homes is our passion, that is why we align ourselves with dedicated and trusted partners, who can help us bring your vision to life 

A & L Windows

Always Committed to Quality

A & L windows and doors have supported us for many years. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we trust the expertise, quality of workmanship and dedication from the A&L team.

Believing in the power of ‘always’ and striving to be better, A&L supplies Premier Traditional Homes with windows, doors and entry frames that help us to capture your dream and turn it into reality with high quality and an aesthetically pleasing range of products.

Mitre 10

Mighty Helpful

Our friends at Mitre 10 have all the tools, accessories and moving parts needed for building a home! Working in partnership with Mitre 10, we can supply our team with all the products they need to build your dream home and bring your vision to life.

Supplying a variety of building materials, tools, and bathroom and laundry essentials, Mitre 10 will continue to provide all our home building and hardware needs.

Austral Bricks

Strong and Always Stylish

With a proud 100-year history, established brick and pavers company Austral Bricks is pivotal in creating a dreamy home. We love working with a company that genuinely values brick production and development excellence. 

Passionate and trusted partners to help you achieve your dream home.


Floor and Wall Tile Supplier

Tile Citi offers over 25 years of reliable and tailor-driven service for an easy and cost-effective experience. We align ourselves with companies that value customer service and ensure each client leaves their showroom happy and feeling that they are one step closer to achieving their ideal home design.


Experts in Concrete

In creating a home, we value aligning ourselves with companies and suppliers who share the same mindset. Vic Mix Concrete provides its clients with a truly unique and personalised experience in crafting mixed concrete for decorative, commercial or residential use.  


Made by Australia

Designed and tested for unique and harsh Australian environments, COLORBOND® steel is the perfect choice for your family. Partnering with Premier Traditional Homes, COLORBOND® steel will enhance the aesthetics of the exterior of your home while also keeping it protected for generations to come.

Haymes Paint

Paint on Australia

Haymes has a passion for crafting high-quality products. Producing exceptional products to reduce water wastage, energy consumption, and emissions means our homeowners can build dream properties while also helping protect our environment for years to come. 

Quality that ensures the best finish.

Quantum Quartz

Designer Stone

As a leading distributor of both natural and engineered stone, Quantum Quartz provide a premium range of products. We continually partner with Quantum Quartz as they continue to offer innovative designs for our community and allow our clients to have a say in creating their dream home.


Trust an Award Winning Brand

As a leading supplier of air conditioning products, Fujitsu produces world-class products with great attention paid to their research and continual development. For this reason, we trust their products, as our clients can rely on a brand that is working for them and bringing the most trusted appliances into their new homes. 

Carpetworld Pakenham

A World Class Shopping Experience

Offering an extensive selection of the finest flooring available, including carpet, carpet tiles, engineered timber, vinyl, hybrid and laminate, Carpetworld Pakenham are experts in their field.
By supporting a local and independently owned business, we are confident that our clients will receive high-quality service and products at affordable prices.