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Adding stone features to your home

5 July 2021

Stone features and facades have been around since the beginning of time. While some trends ebb and flow, stone has maintained its charm as no material matches the expert artistry or impressive look of brick or stone. These natural materials are truly timeless, adding warmth and a sense of history to any home.

From a modern perspective, we try to incorporate stone and brick into our homes to reminiscent past architectural eras — maintaining and accentuating the features that make stone and brick timeless and special while adapting the design element to cohere perfectly with modern Australian living.

From a refined, sleek stone all the way to a textured, rustic stone, there are many different ways to showcase stonework in your beautiful home.

Stonework can be effortlessly incorporated into new homes to create breathtaking walls, floors, pillars and fireplaces that give your home a cozy feel. Feature walls and fireplaces created with stone add interest and character gracefully to the home while establishing a central focal point.

Incorporating brick and stone into your home’s design is a wonderful way to bring an element of warmth, class and tradition into the overall feel. When used effectively, stonework can create spaces in your home that offers you and your family a sense of calm and peace and a place to remain connected.

It is important to consider all elements in your room when adding a stone feature, both indoors and outdoors. Premier Traditional Homes are styling specialists when it comes to guiding you through this process.

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