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Enhancing with Fretwork

12 July 2021

The intricate art of fretwork is timeless and can be seen in many traditional-style homes, effortlessly adding heritage charm to the home. Fretwork invites you in with its appeal and makes you feel at home. There are many different styles and types of fretwork and even more ways to implement them, resulting in creating a home that is well and truly unique to you.

Add value and your own personality into your home with fretwork.

Transform your unappealing entryway with brackets by adding ornate details to your home. The inclusion of internal and external brackets and arches creates an open, benevolent and graceful atmosphere that will invite all guests into your home.

Fretwork compliments all of our classic designs — let your home shine on the streetscape by adorning it with gorgeous arches that seamlessly adds a touch of glamour.

Our industry-leading design team will talk you through all of your options at Premier Traditional Homes to make sure your home is seamlessly put together to create a modern yet traditional classic masterpiece.

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